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Hello There

This is a little exciting,

my first blog post an official

member of the Stampin’ Up!

 Australian Artisan Design Team Stampin' Up! Teneale Williams


Just in case you have missed me shouting it

from the roof tops or all over my facebook pages 🙂

Last month at North America Stampin’ Up! Convention

I was named the Australian Artisan for 2014/2015

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I have never received so many likes or messages

of congratulations with the sweetest words,

from friends, customers, demonstrators and FB followers.

I am still so very touched by the love I received.

What does it MEAN

The number one question I am asked after “congratulations”


It is a small group for Bloggers who are selected to

create, post and blog about the our creations.

We work with the concept art department at Home Office

Each month we receive a new box of product selected for us

to create with and share our creative ideas with you.

This was the first year members were selected outside

the North American markets, forming an international team of 16.


We will have a blog hop every Thursday, for this first blog hop

we are asked to share the story of receiving the call to be part

of the team and about the JOY of our first box of goodies arriving.

The call

I will start this story off by saying…

I NEVER EVER EVER thought I was “Artisan” Material

It is normally a team of the best and most talented paper crafters. 

Stampin’ Up! Did a call out to apply earlier in the year,

I did not apply as I really did think I did not stand a chance.


It was a Wednesday morning in mid June

and I was in the middle of my monthly Stamp-A-Stack class.


We were all chatting and stamping like we do every week when

my phone started ringing, I would not normally take a call in a

class but with my Wednesday ladies I knew it would be ok,

 Stampin’ Up! Was calling me…

Stampin' Up Calling

As a “in-house” joke I have with the girls at

the Sydney Stampin’ Up! Office I have saved their

number that I am in trouble, as you can see on my screen.

Whenever they call me I always answer with…

I didn’t do it” or “what have I done now” or something to that tone

It is totally a joke, demonstrators are never really in trouble.

Over the years the girls in the office have started saying to me

“you are not in trouble” before I can say anything.


I asked the ladies in my class if I could take the call or otherwise

I would sit there for the next hour thinking “what did Stampin’ Up! Want?”



Hello, Teneale this is Aaron Scott calling

{My mind was shouting “you really are in trouble 

the boss man is calling, he has never called before”}


We then share kind of conversation were Aaron

started telling me about the Artisan Team however to be honest

I have NO IDEA what he said

as again

{My mind was shouting…. “you did not apply”}

Then unfortunately my mouth started saying…

“But I did not apply… Are you sure?”


The ladies in my class later advised me

I kept repeating  “But I did not apply… Are you sure”

over and over!!!

While I guess poor Aaron trying was talking to me.


Aaron was a little confessed, I do remember that

and shared in my shock that I made the team.


We hung up and I returned to my class,

which had stopped all cardmaking and had their

eyes focused on me as I re-entered the room.

I screamed!!!





then once I calmed down and I was able to speak

I explain to the ladies what had happened.


 THEN my phone  started ringing again and

displayed  the Stampin’ Up! Caller ID.

 I answered to hear Aaron voice again

before he could pass hello, I blurted out..

“Please tell me this was not a joke”

he gave a slight laugh then remind me to not tell anyone…

Yes I had to keep this secret for over a month!

The box

I was SO excited when this box of goodness arrived!

It was so fun going through and seeing what they sent

 to play with this month, the first thing I ripped open

was the fast fuse, a new adhesive Stampin’ Up! Have released which

is like Sticky Strip {Red Tape} but on a tape runner…

I have been meaning to order one but kept forgetting… AMAZING STUFF.

The box

As you can see a good mix of items,

some things like the Sea Street Stamp set and DSP

are not my normal style but I am so excited

to challenge myself and create something fun.

The box

 Spoiled much?

However you can look forward to great post’s this month

with what the team create from this stash.

Eye candy


Well I HAD to give you something

in return for listening to me talk all about me!


some of you reading this are visiting for the first time,

so I thought this card was fitting….

Hello there

By Teneale Williams| Kinda Eclectic| Stampin' Up! Artisan DT 2014

Have you noticed how popular watercolouring is at the moment?

I trend I am happy to follow, before I found cardmaking painting was

my creative outlet and it has been YEARS. I still had my brush’s however my paints are

all dried up so I pulled out my Stampin’ Up! re-inkers and watered them down

{Daffodil Delight, Crushed Curry, Pistachio Pudding, Pool Party and Bermuda Bay}

First I white embossed the greeting on Watercolour paper then started playing

with the inks by layering the colours,  as they were drying.

Once totally dry I inked up the star burst from Kinda Eclectic in

Crushed  Curry,  using a Stamp-a-ma-jig to position

the image and re-stamp a few times so the image is bold.

Thank you for stopping by,



 Want to meet the rest of the team?

Next up, is the talented Allison Okamitsu

Artisan Design Team Next


24 Responses to Artisan Design Team Blog

  1. ~amy~ says:

    I absolutely LOVE your card!

  2. Jane Lee says:

    I love this card so much!! I am stoked out of my mind to see what you create this year on the ADT.

  3. Nadine says:

    Congrats! You sooooo deserve this. Your work is amazing!
    And I’m still laughing about your “Stampin’ Up! Your In Trouble” on your phone because that is the same thought I have everytime I see the German office number on my display.

  4. Jenn Frost says:

    What an amazing story Teneale, I’m super jealous! You have amazing talent and it is such a pleasure seeing your designs – looking forward to following your work on the Artisan team this year.

  5. You “never thought you were Artisan Material”??? Really? Oh, Teneale, you always create beautiful projects. Congratulations! Looking forward to feasting on a year of inspiration from the first global ADT. What a beautiful card to kick start your new blog hopping adventure.

  6. Rhoda says:

    Chuffed for you!! I’m so excited that Stampin Up saw what we all see and that is huge talent (and honestly just hero worship) 😉 love you (and your mum!) and everything you make and cannot wait to see what you do! Much love from your little UK friend 🙂

  7. Hello dear and lovely Teneale,
    WOW oh WOW your card is stunning!! 🙂 I TOTALLY LOVE your story too, I can’t image how that must of felt but I know you soooo deserve this and I can’t wait to see more of the wonderfulness that you come up with!! SUch clever, gifted hands you have in the world of cards!! YAY for you and a HUGE congrat’s on a super duper gig!! 🙂
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂

  8. Cindy Schuster says:

    I am still laughing at your “in trouble” call story! When I heard that you did not apply, I was so sure you would be called. YOU ARE ARTISAN! See that card? 100% ARTISAN! I could not be more happy to be on this team with you!

  9. Congrats and what a year we are all looking forward to.

  10. Wendie Waldman says:

    Congratulations! Loved your story and your card is just so lovely. Looking forward to enjoying you and all the ADT members in the coming stampin’ year.

  11. Barbara says:

    Congratulations Teneale,
    your card is so beautiful !
    I have been following your blog for a long time and I’m looking forward to this year!

  12. Teneal, you are such an incredible stamper and I am not surprised at all that you were invited to be part of the first international ADT. I have always enjoyed your work and I look forward to seeing many, many more wonderful creations from you this coming year. Congratulations!

  13. Christina Nielson says:

    Gorgeous! Watercoloring is one of my favorite trends at the moment, too. I still can’t believe you didn’t think you were “Artisan” material when, clearly, you are!

  14. Inge says:

    WOW, totally love the watercoloring on your stunning card Teneale! Thanks for sharing your story, loved reading it 😀

  15. OF COURSE you were chosen Teneale!!!! Check out that STUNNING card! You should have no doubts my friend, you’ve earned this! Congratulations and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

  16. Stephi G says:

    I am so not surprised Teneale!!!
    Remember I,m your crazy friend from the US (Indiana) and your biggest fan that asks you to do other crazy surprises on my BFF a couple years back at conference in Utah. I will definatly be following you through the year and cheering you on. Enjoy this great honor!!!
    Hugs Stephi

  17. Kendra says:

    What a great layout! Love the watercoloring!

  18. Lisa Harlow says:

    Beautiful card Teneale! And love the way you laid out this post!

  19. arlene says:

    congratulations Teneale!! i can’t believe that you didn’t think that you were Artisan material. i think that you are the most talented stampin up demonstrator (whose work i have seen)! i would love to be part of your downline, however, i live in canada and the commute would be killer.

    hoping to see much more of your work – it’s truly inspiring.

  20. Patti Willey says:

    What an exciting call from Stamin’ Up! How exciting to become our next Artisan Design Team Member Woo Hoo! Wow that’s a big box of product! What a perk! Love love love the card!

  21. Becky Cowley says:

    I am seriously star struck! I am so glad that they invited you to the team (and more so that you accepted)! You are seriously ubber (yes it is a word-meaning extremely, or over-abundantly) talented, and I am amazed at all of you creations! LOVE your card! I am so thrilled, humbled, and honored to be on the team with you! Still not sure how I made it on the team with THE Teneale Williams!

  22. Cathy Caines says:

    You are a no brainer. I am in love with your card already. And I love your humour!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  23. wow thumbs up 🙂 you have a great attention to detail, i love reading your story! i´m really happy to be in the ADT with you!

  24. Cindy Major says:

    I am not surprised you won, Teneale. You are one of the most talented stampers I’ve ever known and your attention to details and craftmanship is top notch. Congratulations on your win, it is well-deserved and I’m really happy for you! 🙂

    Enjoy your year!