By Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop

I love all things  are matchy, matchy

I also like a good theme and I dare I say I go BIG on a good theme!


I created this little display/dessert table for a little

something, something I have planned for Saturday night.


I will shorty see I have a theme…

By Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop | Sea Street and Skinny Mini Alphabet Stamp Set

By Teneale Williams| Use Stampin' Up!  Skinny Mini Alphabet Stamp Set for creating labels

By Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop |Party ideas

So I hope you could see it has a under the sea theme,

for my dessert table, with my jelly ships, Donut Raft and Chips Ahoy.

With all that sugar I kept it to water!


Stampin’ Up! Sea Street Stamp Set and Maritime Printed Paper

are the main products used, it was just one packet of the

Maritime paper used and I LOVE the school fish image,

I have stamped it across the banner and the fry holders.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Artisan post!

Next stop is Vicky Hayes our UK Artisan.

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The items I used:

By Teneale Williams| Its all in the details, I love adding a little stitching to my cards like here with my greeting now attached with stitching

“Life is like riding a bicycle.

You don’t fall off unless you plan to stop pedaling.”

Claude Pepper

One of the many things I love about card making

is being able to create something that has a meaning

or at least will mean something to the recipient.

This card was created for a friend and mentor of many years,

he has a love of bikes and riding, and over the years he has

shared wonderful advice, with often bikes or riding being

the foundation to the story or teaching.

By Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Life's Adventure Hostess Set

This stamp set used is a hostess stamp set

called Life’s Adventure


You can earn this Stamp Set by holding a $300+

workshop as a in-home party or online workshop,

even if you are not in the Sydney area,

I can send you a party in a box!


That’s right, I will post you all the supplies for you and your

friends to grather stamp, I can Skype into the party

and do a demonstration for the group or you can simply

create with the products I send out and with the instructions.


Contact me if you have questions or like to book session

Stampin' Up! Life's Adventure Hostess Set


Here are the items I have used.

Click on the items to start showing online with me:


Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Australia

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 By Teneale Williams| August Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team Blog Hop 3

Happy Cake Day!

The perfect greeting for someone who

is not all that into their birthday!

By Teneale Williams| Stampin' Up! Age Awareness Stamp Set, a fabulous collection of birthday greetings with a little homour

This greeting is part of a stamp set called

“Age Awareness”

It is a totally fun stamp set!

By Teneale Williams| Limited stamp collection? Simply repeat a greeting a few things to create a pattern and pair it with some fabulous printed paper

I am very lucky that I have LOTS of stamps

but I wanted to create a card that used just

the greetings in Age Awareness and a little printed paper.

So if you are limited with your stamping supplies,

a good idea is to repeat the greeting a few times

creating a pattern, pair that with fun papers

and you have a fabulous yet simple creation.

By Teneale Williams| Inside the card

You can see I have used that repeat greeting

idea here on the inside of the card.

Stampin’ Up! Are getting a little lighter and “funky”

with some of their stamps and greetings, and I LOVE IT!

I have a another card coming using this set

with “thanks facebook” under a birthday greeting!

Funny Stuff

By Teneale Williams| Increase the size by placing doubled cardstock over 2/3 of the hamburger die, just under the left horizontal score lines

Seeing this card is all about cake!

I had to create a little cake box to go with it.

I have used the Hamburger Die but increase the

size by placing doubled cardstock over 2/3 of the

 die and just under the left horizontal score lines.

{I will come back and add a photo of the position} 

By Teneale Williams| Hamburger die used as cake box

You can see here I have put a little cake roll inside the box.

Next stop is Vicky Hayes our UK Artisan.

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Teneale Williams Launch party

I am holding this at my home,

in Western Sydney.